RCG/CPM Response to COVID-19

We are taking the threat of the Coronavirus seriously and are doing our best to keep our employees and residents healthy. Please note that information on this virus is still evolving; therefore, our communications and recommendations will likely be subject to change.

Rochester’s Cornerstone Group is remaining vigilant to follow state and federal orders in order to protect our employees and residents.

As of 3/16/2020, we are asking that our properties and residents comply with the following:
• Practice good hygiene and hand washing.
• Avoid public places.
• Residents are to continue to pay rent on time as expected.
• If ill, please remain home until fever free and you no longer pose a risk of spreading illness (typically 14 days.)
• Do not have visitors unless absolutely necessary.
• Community events and gatherings are suspended until further notice.
• Common areas such as kitchens and community rooms are closed to residents and outside agencies until further notice.
• Offices will be closed and residents will be seen by appointment only. Residents may call the office or emergency work-order line if necessary.
• Standard supply deliveries can be dropped off at the front of the facility rather than brought into the facility by outside vendors.
• Residents who are given a quarantine order or who have tested positive for COVID-19 need to contact the property office immediately.
• Should someone at a property test positive for COVID-19, residents can choose to leave the property to reside with a friend or family member at their own expense until the threat of infection has lowered. CPM will take necessary steps to ensure thorough cleaning of affected units and common areas.


As of 3/19/2020, RCG/CPM have asked that employees comply with the following:
• Community managers are being asked to go to the property at least once a week until March 31st to post rents and invoices and to assist with move-ins.
• Maintenance Technicians will be available on an on-call basis to attend to emergency level work-orders. They are also asked to arrive at the property at least twice a week to perform routine cleaning, walk the grounds and assist with garbage.
• Corporate office employees are to work remotely to the extent possible and are to only come to the main office for short durations to receive mail, pick up additional work and process essential accounting functions.
• Employees who are not able to work due to provider/government ordered quarantine or due to the need to care for a child should contact their supervisor and/or HR immediately.


In response to the NYS Executive Order 202.6, RCG/CPM has received exemption in regard to specific tasks essential to maintenance, property management and necessary accounting functions. The designation as an ‘essential business’ will allow us to continue to serve our residents and operate business safely at our various sites; however, common areas will remain closed and social distancing rules still apply. Executive leadership are in continual communication and will keep employees and residents informed regarding work schedules and office hours over the coming weeks.