Position Available: Maintenance Technician – Rochester, Clifton Springs

Job Description

We are a growing Property Management company that has an exciting opening for a Maintenance Technician to assist with maintaining our properties in Clifton Springs, NY.

Responsibilities and Duties

  • Schedule, coordinate, monitor and perform all maintenance, service requests, and repairs.
  • Document daily maintenance activity including problems encountered, work completed and vacancy status updates.
  • Perform, monitor, inspect, and conduct evaluations necessary to prepare apartments for move in of future tenants.
  • Physically walk and inspect the property daily and maintain proper cleanliness and curb appeal.
  • Maintain an adequate inventory of property supplies and equipment.
  • Inspect, schedule and/or perform minor and routine maintenance on all equipment, company vehicles, and tools.
  • Work with corporate purchasing to obtain competitive bids and prices for property supplies and contracts.
  • Inspect and approve all maintenance supply shipments, organize all shipping documents; code and submit related billing to Community Manager or Administrative Specialist for processing.
  • Track and keep documents available regarding utility shut offs, meter locations, sewer clean outs, and all building systems.
  • Maintain a preventative maintenance log, required permits and certificates.
  • Report all liability, property incidents, worker injuries, accidents, emergencies, code violations, and legal and compliance directives to appropriate supervisor and/or corporate contact.

Education and Experience

  • High School Diploma or equivalent.
  • 3+ years multifamily or construction site management.
  • Prior experience related to carpentry, plumbing, electrical, appliance, HVAC, and building systems.
  • Have knowledge of and physically prepare for any scheduled audits, USDA, HUD, REAC, DHCR, or other regulatory agency inspections, investors, owners, local fire, city, county, or state inspections.

Other Requirements

  • Must have excellent communication, interpersonal, customer service, organizational, time management, and verbal and written skills.
  • Must be able to communicate in English with residents, emergency providers and outside contractors.
  • Must possess mechanical aptitude, skillful use of equipment and tools, and have physical and manual dexterity skills.
  • Must have computer proficiency in Microsoft Office and ability to navigate the Internet.
  • Required use of a company cell phone.
  • Must possess a valid drivers license and New York State motor vehicle insurance.
  • Must be able to manage a flexible schedule including overtime and be on-call as needed.
  • Must be able to walk, move and transport up to 100 lb. loads, bend, stoop, climb stairs, access and work in confined spaces as well as at heights in excess of 20 feet and have the mobility required to use ladders.

Job Type: Full-time

To apply please submit a Resume and Cover Letter to HR@rcgltd.net